Mystery Room Escape [Johor Bahru]

The Curse of Pharaoh

1The ancient Egyptian archaeological team finally reached the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II. In the tomb of the Pharaoh who kept Moses from going out of the land of Egypt, the research team found the note of a famous archaeologist who had been missed for many years. Is it the sleeping ghosts of Pharaoh or God that once led Moses to break from the yoke that will dominate the destiny of the research team? Thousands of years of Pharaoh’s tomb, right here waiting for you!

MRE10It’s a long waited adventure with the Ma Chérie girls~

Finally we got our tickets to explore the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II!

MRE2Legend has it!  It’s the hardest of all with a 12.6% escape success rate.

MRE1We are very excited. You can see the determination in our eyes to make it to the top!

MRE6Helpful tour guide gave us a briefing before we started our adventure. We were given 60 minutes to figure out a way out from the room.

No phones, no handbags, no cameras. After stuffing all our belongings into the locker, we were ready to start the adventure!
MRE9It’s an awesome game with lots of surprises! Everyone in the team needs to work together to quickly figure out the way out!

The great thing about mystery room is the helpful staffs. Whenever we were stucked somewhere, the handsome guide will sure come to the rescue. To protect our delicate sense of capabilities and self-esteem, he will provide hints and assistance, rather than solving it for us!


MRE3I was wearing a play suit to the game. I must say that I am one of the few that can mobilize easily in a dress, but as some part of it actually require some physical action, therefore, dresses are not advisable (unless you can move like Charlie’s Angels). Another thing is, try not to wear heels. I was wearing a pair of heels and I ended up removing it in the midst of finding the way out. So, if you have not gotten the picture, here’s what a professional will look like:

It’s such a shame that I could not reveal more about the game and show you pictures of the pharoah’s tomb. But if you ask me, I would say it’s definitely worth going, especially if you think you are smart and want to show off to your fellow counterparts. (Hahaha! Just kidding~)

In general, it’s a great indoor entertainment for team building, bonding and get to know your friends or members better! (Or, you can also use it to trial on your potential boyfriend, if Smart and Courageous are your criterias)



MRE4 copyOf course, we manage to make it out before 60 minutes!

(who are we? we are the  Ma Chérie girls leh…)!!

MRE7Hope to see your group pictures up there too!!


Think you have got what it takes? Please click HERE for reservation!

New branch will be opened in May at SUTERA with even more exciting games waiting for you.


XOXO Eryn ❤

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