Be Envied Contest [Estée Lauder]

 I have WON the Estée Lauder [Be Envied Contest]!!


Oh my! I am so happy to received the letter from Estée Lauder with a big CONGRATULATIONS on it!!

Apparently I have been selected as the 2nd runner up winner for the Estée Lauder [Be Envied Contest]! To be honest, I am a bit disappointed because the first prize winner can have an exclusive beauty spread in Female, nuyou and EH magazine. *so envy* I actually secretly wished that the 1st prize winner and 1st runner up have something on and couldn’t make it to the photoshoot and Estée Lauder might contact me as a backup…

But Oh Well~ Even though it didn’t happened…

I am still very happy 🙂

Cos’ I am still a WINNER!!!


So here’s about the Estée Lauder [Be Envied Contest].

I had a full makeover by Estée Lauder makeup artist and hairdo by Miko Hair Studio & Academy.

Look, my bare face… (You won’t be getting this very often, so, savour it~)


I have been invited to quite a few makeover session by different cosmetics brands, but Estée Lauder, let me tell you, is one of a kind.


The techniques and products are very unique and during the 1 hour makeup session, I actually learnt some new techniques of shaping & drawing eye brows and different ways of using an eye liner!BE7

The makeup artist also shared with me the proper way of applying fake eye lashes to make it look natural. It seriously felt like a private one-to-one makeup lesson~


And then it’s hair time!


Love to get my hair done by the professionals!


The end results is AWESOME!



I feel so pretty!

(The person who invented makeup should get a Noble Prize or something*)

And now is the professional photography session!

I think I was a bit nervous…


And I almost sprained my back o.O


We took almost a hundred pictures, and we had a hard time to choose THE ONE to enter the contest!


The photographer kept persuading me to choose the first picture of this post (the one at the top), reason because he thought closeup portrait can show face expression and features better. But I somehow disagreed with him. I wanted to choose something that shows confident and style.

So I ended up choosing the picture below and wonder if I have listened to him, will I be the 1st prize winner? BE2

(Please tell me it is not too bad)

Anyway, my prize arrived TODAY!

RM1,500 worth of Estée Lauder products!! <— Kelvin should be very happy cos’ he finally comes to know how girls spend on skincare after he married me.


I am so pleased to find a bottle of Advanced Night Repair (Estée Lauder best selling product) in the package.


Before I end this post, I wanna share with you my motto:

We don’t need to be famous to live out our own red carpet moment.

I wish all of you start to live the best of your life today!

Thank you so much for reading. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

XOXO Eryn❤



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