Fifty Shades Of…


The night has become quiet, she was sitting in front of the dressing table with a frame full of bright yellow light bulbs, putting on dark eyeliner to further define her eyes. She wanted to create a sexy cat eye look tonight. She looked at her watch on the table, it’s almost midnight. Should I wear some perfume? Which one…? Browsing through the whole cabinet full of perfumes, she picked up the Victoria’s Secret Tease bottle and squeezed a few pumps from the bright pink bulb… She smiled and thought, he will definitely love the sense… She stood up and adjusted her black lace bustier lingerie with a bikini lace bottom. It’s a combination that she love the most – lace and black. They said lace is the new black, making seductive black lace so fashion forward…

She gently pushed the bedroom’s door open and saw him sitting on bed reading a book. Delighted to see her at the doorway, he closed his book and placed it on the bedside table. Come here baby, he said.


She grinned. Her sophisticated lace garter belt with straps worked like charm. She is ready to set the mattress on fire with the heat of passion.

He dived right on top of her and soon they were rolling around kissing and exploring each others.

And suddenly…

OUCH!~ He sat up, touching and rubbing his face.

What happened darling? 

Something scratched my face…

I think it’s your feet… Ouch… It really hurts…

Sorry… Sorry… She quickly hid her feet under the blanket, knowing that it’s full of calluses and cracked heels due to dryness and negligence…

He walked into the bathroom to check on his face, leaving her on the bed, alone.

I should have made an appointment to the salon today and get a pedicure… This is so embarrassing…


Are you too busy to care for your feet?

The revolutionary gadget has been invented to solve the problem!




Gentle on your feet and easy to use, the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File can give you soft, beautiful feet without the hassle!

It buffs away hard skin in minutes leaving you with fabulous feet that you’ll want to show off.


Ergonomically shaped head for comfortable use


Detachable and replaceable Micralumina head for quick and easy hard skin removal~

Wanna see it in action?


I know you would like to know: whether it’s painful or not…


When you pushed too hard, it will stop!

After years of bullying your feet by wearing tight heels and negligence, you should start treating them well now~

I have got some great news for you!

Click HERE —>My Velvet Smooth<— to redeem your RM10 vouchers to purchase Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File at your nearest Watsons or Guardian outlet.


Enjoy a salon experience at home and have beautiful and luxuriously soft feet at your convenience.

Thank you so much for reading!

And yupe… If you are wondering…

That’s my feet❤

XOXO Eryn❤

Please Note: The characters portrayed in this story are fictional and any similarities with persons living or dead is purely a product of your own imagination 😉


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