September Fashion Coordinates!

Hello Everyone!

I have not been feeling my best lately and so there’s a lack of “proper” fashion posts. So, here’s a little show case of my fashion coordinates from September, conveniently produced by selfie stick or assisted by husband. Hope it still looks interesting 🙂

Coordinate 1

Having a hard time adjusting the selfie stick and timer… hehe…

Millionmars Fashion Coordinates 2


Coordinate 2

My experimental attempt on baggy pants x heels~

Millionmars Fashion Coordinates 3


Coordinate 3

Restyle a floral dress for a commentary video.
Millionmars Fashion Coordinates 4

Coordinate 4

Birthday celebration. I tied a simple side hair bun and wore my precious Shourouk pink necklace.
Millionmars Fashion Coordinates 5

Coordinate 5

Another birthday celebration with family.

Had my first profiteroles birthday cake!
Millionmars Fashion Coordinates 6

Millionmars Fashion Coordinates 6a

Coordinate 6

Don’t have much time for my hair, so just simply put on a matching hairband.

Wearing the golden shoes from Te Chi Chi.
Millionmars Fashion Coordinates 7

Drew some weird lower lashes… hehe…
Millionmars Fashion Coordinates 7a

Coordinate 7

Dress in yukata and shoot for Supermag’s beauty article.

The lastest copy is out, grab a copy or view online HERE.
Peach Skin

Coordinate 8

Brought Isabelle to Ratatouille restaurant grand opening.

Need to look more “mother”…
Millionmars Fashion Coordinates 8

 Thank you so much for reading and hope to hear about what you think about sharing fashion coordinate like this 🙂

XOXO Eryn❤

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