[One Day In JB] Girls Outings!!

It has been a long time.

UGO10AI cannot really remember when was the last time I went out with my girlfriends… I blame it all on my new family commitment, a.k.a. baby Isabelle, hehe…

And so… here is IT!

A random outing with the Ma Chérie girls!

UGO1AIt was a beautiful day, we all dressed up according to the the “pink and pastel” dress code and eagerly waited for the our luxury private ride from Uber to pick us up! The itinerary was carefully planned by Kim and the first stop —> 100 Doraemon Expo! 

UGO2AThe expo was located at City Square JB and the moment when we stepped in, we were transformed into little children again! With the happy Doraemon song playing at the background, I happily wandered around, looking for my favourite gadget.

This is it —> Time Freezer

It can stop the time wherever you want. Imagine when you can stop the time and rest for a while, think about what you are going to do next. (Especially useful when baby’s crying, no?)  UGO3AKim was super excited too!





UGO9AAfter spending a fair amount of happy time at the expo, we proceeded to Level 4 to have a cup of a COFFEE!

UGO11A Doi Chaang Coffee from Thailand, organic, fair trade and delicious…



UGO14AInstead of trying out the coffee, I ordered myself a cup of warm hot chocolate. Their ice coffee is pretty nice (I secretly took a sip from Kim’s glass, hehe…), for more in-depth details, you can check out Ler’s post HERE!

UGO16ADoi Chaang coffee also provides various delicious cakes. Here’s a Tiramisu 🙂

UGO17AAfter the wonderful coffee, Kim arranged the handsome driver to come picked us for lunch at LEMON TREE.


UGO20AI ordered a Seafood Alio-Olio. It tastes divine as usual 🙂

UGO33AAnd that afternoon, I discovered my new favourite:

Chilli Sorbet

It may sounds funny, but it tastes soooo good!
UGO22AAfter the fulfilling lunch, the private transport came picked us up to CRES Wellness & Spa for more pampering session. And I shall leave that for next time.

Please visit Ler’s Fruitti SPA Experience  OR Kim’s Plotox Micro Facelift Experience for their CRES Wellness reviews 🙂

UGO23AThank you so much for reading and wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead!!

XOXO Eryn❤

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