A New Happiness

Hi Everyone!

Eryn Baby Bump 2

I am pregnant!

It has been such a great joy in our lives and we feel so blessed. It is difficult to keep this a secret for the past 4 months because I wasn’t ready to share the news with the world yet. First trimester has been a challenging one with all the morning sickness, nausea and sleepiness… My appetite was real bad which resulted in a drop in weight and really really bad mood swing. It was crazy to re-imagine my life to fit another baby, and yet anticipating for what it can bring.

Eryn Baby Bump 3

Now as I stepped into the second trimester, things are getting more in controlled and my body condition allows me to function normally again. And now that baby is more stable and strong so I am finally ready to share it with the world. And I am excited that now I can finally stop hiding my bump!

Eryn Baby Bump 1

Although I am more experienced this time, I still read a lot of articles and educate myself on parenting. I am surprised that there are so many things to take note of when you are having a second baby. However if you guys have any tips for me, please share with me at the comment box below 🙂

Being a mother is a wonderful experience and I am so grateful that God has blessed us with a second child. Although there’ll definitely be a lot of challenges along the journey, but I am sure God will give me strength and wisdom to go through it.

Eryn Baby Bump 4

A big thank you to all my readers!

I know it has been a lack of updates on blogpost. I am really grateful that you are on this journey with me and your blessings and support really mean a lot to me.

Have a happy Monday and a wonderful week ahead!

XOXO Eryn ❤

7 thoughts on “A New Happiness

  1. Congraaats Eryn!!!! I wish you and your family all the best, and there is nothing better than having a brother/sister, so your little one will get to experience that! 🙂 take care xx

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