2015 You Should Go Out More [B.E Cafe @ Taman Molek]

Hello World!

Be Cafe MillionmarsHow have you been?

I must admit that I have been “hiding” for a long time. I just feel so lazy to go out. And due to the pregnancy, I have been turning down almost all invitations to events and social activities. It sort of makes me feel a bit “isolated” sometimes… You know what I mean…

Be Cafe 13So, once in a while, in the midst of all isolation and solitude, it’s great to catch up with the Ma Chérie girls while having good food and coffee at B.E.Cafe @ Taman Molek!

Be Cafe 14

Be Cafe 16

Be Cafe 15It was a beautiful night. Almost all Ma Chérie girls joined the gathering and we just couldn’t stop talking, eating, taking pictures and share our dreams with each other.

In case you are interested in knowing what did we had, here are a compilation of delicious pictures for your reference 🙂

Creamy Pumpkin Soup RM 13.90

Be Cafe 10

Atlantic Salmon Salad RM 19.90Be Cafe 11

Classic Eggs Benedict RM 20.90

Be Cafe 7

Wild Mushroom Rosti RM 18.90Be Cafe 6

Club Sandwich RM 15.90

Be Cafe 5

Oh look! #thisishowwedoitBe Cafe 9Apparently I am more on the “casual” side when it comes to food review, so instead of focusing on the food, I find it more fun to capture this cute picture of my lovely friends…

Hot Chocolate RM 9.90

Be Cafe 8

Baby Chino RM 7.90
Be Cafe 12

 Carrot Cake RM 9.90Be Cafe 4

Triple Royale Cake RM 9.90

Be Cafe 3

Granola RM 12.90Be Cafe 2

Vanilla Affogato RM 9.90Be Cafe 1

If there’s one thing that accentuates the good food, it is the great company!

Be Cafe Ma Cherie(Photo Credits: More Than Words)

They say friends are the family that we choose for ourselves. Having a group of friends that believe in your dreams and work towards the same goal has made this whole journey so much easier and meaningful to me.

Therefore, my goal for this year… is to GO OUT MORE!


My body condition requires me to rest more nowadays. Therefore I would have more regular updates on my Facebook Page and Instagram instead. Please remember to check it out okay!?

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a great weekend!


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