[Pregnancy Portrait Part I] I Am Still Me

Millionmars Pregnancy 1One of the question many ask me nowadays is:

How do you manage to look like this?

Millionmars Pregnancy 2To me it is simple, when you take yourself seriously, you will make an effort to look the best possible, even in your worst day…

Millionmars Pregnancy 7In the midst of struggling with sudden weight gain, battling hormones changes and discomforts, I constantly remind myself that “I am still ME“. I am still the girl who loves to play dress up, the girl who works hard and the girl who dreams about life! I find it utmost important to keep motivating myself and repeatedly reminding myself of what I am and I shouldn’t have given all that up just because I am round and clumsy now.

Millionmars Pregnancy 5

Millionmars Pregnancy 6I know, in some gloomy days of pregnancy, life seems rather grey. But if you are not going to help yourself, who will? I would smile and tell myself, I can do it. And I believe baby can feel it too. It is one of the essence of life that all mother needs to learn and pass it on to the next generation:

The Fighting Spirit.

Millionmars Pregnancy 4Celebrating motherhood does not mean you have to look motherly. I believe that every woman should take pride in up-keeping themselves in the best way possible and look gorgeous even when pregnant.

Millionmars Pregnancy 3I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoy taking it 🙂 Special thanks to my talented friend Clement from Lively Art Studio for these wonderful pictures (and for keep telling me I am doing very good…)

Millionmars Pregnancy 8

No matter you are pregnant or not, I wish you looking great on any day, at any age… Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely week ahead!!


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