May Fashion Coordinates

Hi Everyone!


millionmars 2015

6 weeks after the delivery, I am so happy to be back to my normal life routine! *Excited* There is no word to describe how happy and grateful I am to have TWO babies in my life now and I am feeling all so excited to embrace a new kind of life full of fun, joy and challenges!! (I might sound a bit over-enthusiastic… Don’t judge me, I think it’s the coffee…)

So here are a few fashion coordinates in May for your enjoyment 🙂 Majority in BLACK because I am still fat and swollen back to work now *ahem*. And you might be wondering, what is with the socks and hose, that is to keep my legs warm after the confinement.

Coordinate 1

Dressing up for Mother’s Day celebration dinner. I took out all my pre-pregnancy clothes and was devastated when I can’t fit into any of them *feeling kinda crappy*. Have to throw on whatever I have in the wardrobe that fits.

millionmars coordinate 1

Coordinate 2

Put on my neon pink lip color to match the neon pink bag. IMG_3117

Coordinate 3

My boring black party outfit… Pair it with bunny ears in order not to “bored” my dates.

millionmars coordinate 3

Coordinate 4

Long blazer is great cover up for bulging tummy. Off to a Saturday meeting.

millionmars coordinate 4

Coordinate 5

Curl my hair and put on red ribbon. I think I kinda look cute…

photo (32)

millionmars Coordinate 5

Coordinate 6

Some banana color and black short skirt on Annabelle’s full moon party. About 200 guests showed up and received lots of compliments for this outfit.

millionmars coordinate 6

Coordinate 7

Put on my favourite working attire. Met with BFF after work for a nice dinner with splendid seaview and ice cream 😛fashion coordinate 7

Coordinate 8

Over-sized cardigan and comfy flats. Retail therapy with husband and 2 babies, and spent a good amount of time with the Ma Cherie girls at Dream Cafe.

photo 3 (9)

Coordinate 9

Finally, some legs shown. Peplum skirts are good buddy with little tummy 🙂

millionmars coordinate 9

So yupe… That’s basically what I have been wearing nowadays.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a nice week ahead!!


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