Fake It Till You Make It

Hello Everyone!

How’s your weekend? I had a splendid one, cuddling with my little ones 🙂 During a recent conversation with a friend, we realized that nowadays everyone is faking a great life on the social media platform, and often makes others think:

His/her life is so perfect, therefore mine sucks~

So, instead of making all of you annoyed by my pretty pictures (cheh~) I am going to reveal the truth behind them.

This picture was taken 5 days after my expected due date. I was really really worried about the delay. We drove 40 minutes to the hospital almost everyday to monitor baby’s development and heart beat.

This picture was taken 30 minutes after the delivery. It was a natural birth without epidural. I was in labour pain for 4 hours. The baby is so big, I had a hard time pushing. And when the time came, I thought I was going to passed out… She weighs 4.035kg.

The next day after the childbirth, we were ready to discharge. I kept bleeding and need to take painkillers to reduce the pain of the vaginal tear and pain from the uterus contraction.

6 days after, my breast engorged. They were hard as rock and the slightest touch can cause extreme pain. My nipples cracked and I need to breast feed baby or pump the milk out every 3 hours.

Baby was diagnosed with jaundice. Need to stay in the hospital for phototherapy. For 4 days, we travelled back and forth to visit her. I need to wrap myself well as I am still in confinement period. This picture was taken when she was finally back home with us.

3 weeks after birth. I remember I was all sweaty and hot at home. Feeling rather down as she refused to settle and sleep at night. The TV was broadcasting news on the Nepal earthquake. I thought maybe I should channel Annabelle’s baby portrait fund to the relief effort. So together with the help of my aunt and my maid, we made this picture by using my comforter, baby’s towel and some toys.

Making an effort to dress up for a date night with husband. He has been travelling a lot since baby’s birth. This time, he was only back for a weekend and need to fly off to Bangkok again the next day.

A Saturday morning, I was preparing to attend the weekly production meeting. Baby feeds every 3 hours. I need to survive on the minimal sleep time and put in extra effort to look good. Good makeup brushes and coffee sustained me.

Decided to step out of my comfort zone. Attended Runway 2.0 APAC, a fashion x technology conference that brings new ideas to the fashion community in Malaysia. Woke up at 4am, travelled to KL from JB and back at the same day.

Officially back to work 40 days after the delivery. To prevent myself from being depressive, bought a wardrobe of new (bigger size) work clothes.

Annabelle’s full moon party. About 200 people showed up. A blissful event. But feel rather down that none of my friends from my invited guest list can make it.

Battling with weight loss. It’s hard. The fats just won’t go away despite effort in reducing carbo and sugar in diet and simple exercise everyday.

Isabelle is behaving strangely when she turns 2, she throws tantrum and becomes less cheerful. We deduced that maybe it’s because we have neglected her since the birth of Annabelle. Brought her out and spent some 2 to 1 time with her.

Thursday night, meeting good friends for dinner. Sipping fruit punch at the 13th floor of Double Tree Hotel while gazing the amazing sunset. For a night like this, I need to ask for husband’s assistance to babysit the babies, rush back home after work to cook dinner and curled my hair, before heading out…

You must be thinking, why am I telling you this?

Because behind every beautiful picture, there is a story behind it. Likewise, every perfect life that you see must have a dark side of it.

Then I realized, life is not a bed of roses all the time. Everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle (no matter how perfect their lives seem to be).

Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we live it in the best way we can. Fake it or not, I don’t know. But I am glad that Annabelle and I have made it this far.

I hope this blog inspires you, even a little will make me think that all my efforts are worthwhile. We should all be strong and be hopeful. Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.

I love you all!

Thank you so much for reading.


3 thoughts on “Fake It Till You Make It

    1. Thanks Princess! I consider myself very blessed to have so many good and kind people around me 🙂 Aza aza fighting~


  1. Indeed, people only see the side of the story that we bloggers want to show. Even with challenges in life, there are always moments of beauty and bliss worth sharing.


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