STROBING With Your Phone

Hi Everyone!

How’s your Monday? Today I would like to share about what’s seems to be very “IN” lately – Strobing.

If you don’t know what’s it, you can go google it and there are tons of step by step video teaching you how to do it. I would describe it as a simple technique that involves quick and easy steps to give final touch to your makeup. *Great stuff*

So today, I am going to show you how to do it with your phone! Hehe~

Step 1 Download MeituPic

One of the best photo editing apps that I am using.

Step 2 Use the “Dark Circle” Function

Here I am using an old picture as example.

Step 3 Choose manual and adjust the size of the brush.


Step 4 Highlight

– Above your eyebrows
– Nose
– Apple of your cheeks
– Above your lips
– Chin

I normally don’t use this function for dark circles (unless it’s really really bad), cos’ it tends to make your face looks ‘flat’ and ‘fake’.



Can’t tell the difference? Hehe… Cos’ it’s supposed to be very subtle and almost not noticeable.

However, if you put 2 pictures together, you can see how this technique improve the overall face feature.


Okay… Babies are calling~ I need to go sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

Thank you so much for reading and have fun Strobing!


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