OMG She’s FAT!

Well, I do not know how to start this…


It is almost 3 months after Annabelle’s born. After all the challenges of childbirth, breastfeeding and “back to work” are over, attention is now on the dramatic changes of my body that pregnancy and childbirth have brought. Every morning before I dress up for work, I would look into the mirror and see if I am making good progress on losing some fats. However, the sight of a flabby postpartum tummy is absolutely terrifying. You might think that I am exaggerating, you might think I am making good progress, you might say that the “baby fat” is normal, but let me tell you:


Most women feel that it is more difficult to adjust to the postpartum body shape as compared to the changes of pregnancy. After the childbirth, the pressure of sleep deprivation and new responsibility to take care of the newborn really spikes the unhappiness many mothers feel about their new undesirable body shape.

I have been sticking to a strict diet and do simple exercise for 15 minutes daily. But my weight seems to be stuck at a particular point and not dropping at all. Even though I do plank everyday, the flabby tummy is just so stubborn and refuse to shrink even a little… I have to wear loose “auntie-looking” clothes before I can fit back into those “pre-pregnancy” clothes again T.T *Disaster*

And much deep thought and careful consideration, I finally decided to seek medical help on this issue.


Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (BWMC) is a multi-award-winning integrated beauty medical centre that sets standards in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine (non-surgical and laser treatments), and healthy ageing (wellness and regenerative therapy) in Asia Pacific region. The centre offers a comprehensive range of established cosmetic procedures, aesthetic treatments and health services, allowing the provision of a holistic approach to its three core specialities.



It is not easy to find a trustworthy cosmetic surgery medical centre in Johor Bahru, most of them are those beauty saloons or clinics offering aesthetic treatments without proper license. And having heard so many failed plastic surgeries and the danger of bad aesthetic treatments, I really wanted to go to the professional. (After all, your skin and bone are something you should really take good care of!) BWMC is licensed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and is strategically located at Menara Landmark (about 15 minutes from my work place and probably less than 10 minute from the custom of Malaysia). It was newly opened in August 2014. I have accompanied one of my close friend there last month to inject botox and filler. The result is awesome and so I thought, BWMC Johor Bahru must be the right place to go!


BWMC Johor Bahru is all bright and spacious, consisting several sections for the plastic surgeries, aesthetic treatments and consultation.

That was me, happily registering myself for the consultation.


After filling in my personal details, I was being told to sit and wait for my turn.


There are a few separate waiting areas. And this is my favourite waiting spot because it is so close to a coffee machine (yupe, they serve coffees and water). Showing on the screen is the doctor I am going to meet today –  A/P Dato’ Dr. David Cheah Sin Heng. Oh, I knew him! My baby Isabelle was his patient when he did skin tag removal surgery for her when she was one month old. Dr. Cheah is specialized in reconstructive surgery, maxillofacial trauma surgery and cosmetic surgery.

BWMC 5Then my name was called.

The friendly nurse interviewed me for my medical history, and noted down what I am allergy to.BWMC 12Then she measured my blood pressure, weight and height.BWMC 13Shortly after that, it was my turn for my consultation.BWMC 10

“What can I do for you today?”

“Doctor, I just gave birth 3 months ago and my tummy is sagging and… fat.”

BWMC 7“Is there anything you can do about my flabby postpartum tummy?”

“Come, let me examine you first.”


Okay, now (very reluctantly) I am going to show you my ugly postpartum tummy. *Ugh*

BWMC 8There, Dr. Cheah told me about a treatment called Coolsculpting, that is non-surgical, no downtime and can remove the fats for good.

*What? For GOOD!*

That’s awesome isn’t it?

Then I asked the following questions:

Q: Will it be painful?

A: You will feel numbness for a few days after the treatment.

Q: How long is the procedure?

A: It takes one hour for one section.

Q: How many “section” do I need to do?

A: For your case, you need 4 for your tummy. One upper abdomen, one lower abdomen, one on left and one on right.


Q: Do I do all 4 sections in one go?

A: You might feel tired after 4 hours of treatment cos’ you need to remain a same position for the entire one section treatment. I would suggest to split the treatment into 2. Two hours each.

Q: Any side effects?

A: It is relatively safe as compare to liposuction. You will need to drink a lot of water to facilitate the removal of fats by your own body system. Numbness in the first few days, sometimes weeks.

Q: How long will it take to see the results?

A: In 2 months time after the treatment.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: For Coolscuplting, the normal price is RM2,500 per cylce. Now we are running at RM2,000 per cycle. On top of that, we now have a buy 3 free 1 promotion. Which means RM6,000 for your case.

Great! I started to imagine myself getting rid of all that tummy fats, in just 4 hours. It sounds like magic isn’t it?

I know most women strive to return to the pre-pregnancy weight as fast as possible. But in reality, women often ended up disappointed and depressed especially when the fats decided to stay on in spite of diet control and special exercise.

Now with the new non-invasive treatment like Coolscuplting that being offered by Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, new mummy like me can get rid of the extra kilos and feel better about herself.


If you are interested to schedule an appointment for consultation:

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

Level 3, Menara Landmark, Jalan Ngee Heng, 80000 Johor Bahru Johor.

BWMC is the centre of excellence for Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Healthy Aging. Also, BWMC is backed by registered and board-certified plastic surgeons. All cosmetic and aesthetic procedures are administered professionally by licensed doctors.


And here is the million dollar question:

Will I do it?

Yes I will.

Thank you so much for reading and I will certainly update you with the procedure and outcome.


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