Coolsculpting Treatment Review [Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre]

Hi Everyone!

I know you have been eagerly waiting for this post, and SO AM I!! (You can read about my consultation at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre HERE). Today I am going to share about my Coolsculpting experience at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre and reveal to you the whole procedure…

Aren’t you feeling nervous already?

beverly wilshire medical centre waiting areaSo, here am I, arriving early in the morning for the treatment. *kiasu*

beverly wilshire treatment roomAlthough Dr. Cheah has told me that this Coolsculpting treatment is not painful and has no downtime, I couldn’t help but still felt nervous about it. The nurses comforted me and kept assuring me that it is going to be fine. I was brought to a private treatment room and asked to changed into a surgery robe.

girl in surgery robeHere it is, the magnificent Coolsculpting machine.

coolsculpting machineThe first step of the procedure is to apply a cool get pad on the treatment area. This is said to prevent frostbite. (Wait a minute, Frostbite?)

Frostbite is the medical condition in which localized damage is caused to skin and other tissues due to freezing.

And how does it relate to the procedure?

coolsculpting cool gelSo here is a simple explanation on:

The Basic Concept of Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq uses cold energy to permanently destroy fat cells. The Coolsculpting machine works by pulling your fat bulge into a device that has two cooling plates. The fats is held by a strong vacuum. The cooling plates are activated to a specific temperature where fat cells are vulnerable and die, and your skin, nerves, blood vessels, etc are fine. This process is about an hour for each area of treatment.

coolsculpting gel padAnd so in order to prevent the frostbite due to prolong exposure to the coldness, a gel pad is needed to be applied on the treatment area.

zeltiq coolsculptingThe nurses carefully marked the area of treatment.

During this session, I will be doing the 2 areas, the left and right side of my waist.

applying cool gelThe friendly and experienced nurse applied the cool gel pad on.

cool gel on waistNow this area is ready for the cold suction.

beverly wilshire coolsculpting machineThe nurse turned on the machine and it started generating a sound like a huge vacuum cleaner.

coolsculpting suction head

OMG~ I was so nervous!

girl nervous coolsculpting

Is it gonna hurt???

beverly wilshire coolsculpting procedure

I was instructed to bend my body a little so that the suction head can suck good amount of fats around my waist area.


coolsculpting applying the suctionIt was a pretty funny feeling, it was like a your waist was being sucked by a giant vacuum cleaner. A bit painful at the beginning, but it eventually became numb after about 3-4 minutes. I didn’t really feel the coldness, mainly just NUMB…

beverly wilshire coolsculpting suction on waistA good amount of fat bulge was being sucked out and just the thought of being able to get rid of all these fats forever made me feel really good.

And then we waited for 60 minutes for the Coolsculpting machine to do its miraculous job~

zeltiq coolsculpting machine monitor

I was lying comfortably on the bed, joking with the nurses.girl coolsculpting procedure beverly wilshire medical centre

girl coolsculpting treatment

Replying emails and text messages…

girl mobile phone coolsculpting treatment


60 minutes TIMES UP!

The Coolsculpting treatment was completed!

coolsculpting treatment completedNow, I am going to show you some GROSS FROZEN FATS
bulging frozen fat coolsculptingIt was numb and I couldn’t really feel it at all. I tried to touch it with my hand and it felt like a frozen piece of meat, very cold. The helpful nurse than gently removed the cool gel pad and massaged the treated area. After a few minutes, it softened and back to its normal form.

coolsculpting massage beverly wilshire medical centre

coolsculpting completed massage And then, the same steps were repeated on the other side of the waist.

This time I decided to take a short nap and rest for while. Sleep deprivation is probably the worst side effect of being a mother…

girl sleeping coolsculpting The whole treatment session took 2 hours in total (one hour left and one hour right). The nurses would come in every now and then to check if everything is okay. And because the fats will take several weeks to shrink, I was still the same size immediately after the procedure.

I got my clothes changed, waved goodbye to the nurses and I was ready to go back to work!

How convenient!

Many times, I feel so blessed to live in this era where we have access to all these advanced technologies that helps us to live our lives better. This magnificent Coolsculpting treatment from Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre truly is a blessings to all working mothers like me or whoever that wants to shrink down stubborn fats.

beverly wilshire medical centre

If you are interested to schedule an appointment for consultation:

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

Level 3, Menara Landmark, Jalan Ngee Heng, 80000 Johor Bahru Johor.

BWMC is the centre of excellence for Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Healthy Aging. Also, BWMC is backed by registered and board-certified plastic surgeons. All cosmetic and aesthetic procedures are administered professionally by licensed doctors.
How Much Would It Cost?
For Coolscuplting, the normal price is RM2,500 per cycle. Now Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre Johor Bahru is running at RM2,000 per cycle. On top of that, they also have a buy 3 free 1 promotion. Which means RM6,000 for 4 cycles.

millionmars beverly wilshire medical centre

The doctor has advised to drink more water and lower my daily calorie intake for the best outcome.

Can’t wait to see the results?

Hehe… me too~

Now I have a great news for YOU!!

You can get a complimentary consultation!!  

What you have to do is to make an appointment through BWMC website HERE, choose Menara Landmark Johor Bahru and key in ERYN at the remarks column.

*Valid until 15th September 2015

I hope this special treat will benefit you and may you enjoy exploring ways to be beautiful and regain confident through aesthetics medicine. Choosing a reputable and professional aesthetics service is very important. After all, we certainly want to choose the best products and services for our faces and bodies.

*P.S. I will certainly update all of you with the Coolsculpting results 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and wishing all of your a great week ahead!


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