Pin-Up Chic [Polka Dots]

Happy Friday~
pin up girl in polka dots

I just decided that I wanna be a bit more adventurous and attempt a look that I admire for the longest time,

The Sexy Pin-up Girl!
pin up girl lipstick

A polka dots nighties, a scarf, curly hair and a pair a fake lashes pretty much do the trick!

pin up girl reflection millionmars

pin up girl millionmars selfie

Many has debated about the image portrayed by a pin-up girl. To me, it is like saying:

I feel beautiful and I really don’t care what you think.

Sexy, is never about seducing men; it is really, about embracing womanhood.

pin up girl in polka dots sexy back

September is my birthday month and I have had so much fun since the beginning. Turning one year older makes me wanted to keep testing my boundary and it certainly feels great to step out of the comfort zone and try something new! Thank you so much for reading and I wish you enjoy the look as much as I enjoy creating it 🙂

girl blowing hair polka dots dress

 Have a great weekend!


elegant asian girl in cheongsam
Dream In Old Shanghai [Put On Your Red Lipstick And Dance Away~]
girl in black silky blouse pearl necklace
She had a Secret Rendezvous…
asian girl in red dress fur coat
Moulin Rouge In Paris!

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