Purple Lacey Dress [Talking About The Art Of Flirtation]

Happy Monday!
purple dress asian girl reading book

Millionmars Purple Dream 8

Millionmars Purple Dream 7

Millionmars Purple Dream 6

Millionmars Purple Dream 5

Millionmars Purple Dream 4

This dress is a love at first sight. A romantic combo of: off-the-shoulder, soft violet and lace. The moment I saw it, I know I need to have it 🙂

And the first time I wore this dress, two different guys came up to me and asked for my number. So I suppose this kind of dress can easily attract attention from the opposite sex. Today I would like to share a little about what I think about The Art Of Flirtation.

Flirting is a basic and fundamental element in all courtship. Therefore, I would say it is pretty important for those who are actively seeking for a life partner to practice and master it. It is an act to “show interest and desire” to the other party. To me, it is made up of 3 components:

  • Confidence: One of the best ways to charm the woman you are trying to talk to is by showing her confidence. However, no one is 100% confident about themselves, so I guess you will have to fake a little. Stand up straight, give a friendly smile; a firm handshake also helps a lot.
  • Be Funny: Most girls got impressed by the funny guy. No no, being fun is not about turning yourself into a clown. It just means that you should have sense of humour and try to make her feel joyful and laugh.
  • Challenge Her: Let her know that you are no interested in just any woman, but the right one that is up to your standards. This part is crucial, cos’ it differentiates men from the boys.

Millionmars Purple Dream 2

Flirting should be fun, and you must know when to quit. If you do not get positive respond from the woman, such as she never answer your call and doesn’t text you back for more than twice, she is just not that into you. Don’t keep calling, texting or sending flowers. You might end up being called a “stalker”.

Millionmars Purple Dream 3

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great week ahead!

Oh, by the way…

I don’t flirt anymore.

I am married.


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