Halloween [Oriental Red x Pearls]

Happy Friday everyone!

red cheongsam asian girl

Today I have decided to put on a classic combo of red and pearls. It is the most basic combination to create a oriental look. However, it also associates with a risk of looking “old”. I remember as I was putting on my makeup, I quickly decide that I should curl my hair and pin them all up in a loose-but-neat-looking style. With this cheongsam collar, a side swept hairstyle might have make me look younger and more sensual. However, I have certain determination in me that day, I want to be a more mature, decent and classy woman. (See another attempt HERE)
oriental girl red cheongsam

red cheongsam oriental look

Millionmars Red Cheong Sam 5a

Millionmars Red Cheong Sam 8a

Millionmars Red Cheong Sam 6a

I go for tinted red lips instead of a fuller all-red lips. It lasted the whole night surprisingly…

red cheongsam blogger

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you like the coordinates.

Wishing all of you a great weekend!


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