Korean Inspired OOTD [Sweater X Sneakers]

Happy Friday Everyone!

Sweater and sneakers copy
Millionmars sneakers 6

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have shown great support to my previous Life Of A Princess post. I feel very happy to receive all the kind comments and compliments. Hehe…

You guys are the best!

Today I am showcasing a fashion style that is not very ME –

a combination of Sweater and Sneakers. 

Millionmars sneakers 2

Earlier last month, thanks to my wonderful friend Carinn, I was invited to the Guardian Makeover event in Johor Bahru. And so I thought to myself… Makeoever… If it is a makeover, then I should be more daring and try something different. So, I borrowed a pair of sneakers and a sweater and wear it over my black gauze party dress, and


Millionmars sneakers 5

I awkwardly transformed myself to look like those younger girls out there. Hehe…

To complete the makeover, I even requested the make up artist to draw a “★” just below my right eye, to resemble a cute Korean pop star. (buay-paiseh~)

Millionmars sneakers 3

I was quite delighted with the outcome and was even happier when Princess who attended the event with me cannot recognize me at all. (I was holding my phone and over the phone she asked me, hi Eryn where are you? huh? You are here, why I can’t see you… And in fact she was right beside me…) Hehe…

One thing I like about being a fashion blogger is, you always get the opportunity to be experimental with styles and outfits and you always ended up surprising yourself. It is always good to step out of the comfort zone and try something out, even if (in this case) it seems a little bit “age inappropriate“.

Millionmars sneakers 4

Millionmars sneakers 7

I hope you are having all the fun out there as we enter mid of year 2016. Can you believe it? It is going to be JUNE soon! As for me, I am busy preparing for an upcoming trip to Bangkok and hopefully I will be having more wonderful encounters there. I haven’t been to Bangkok for a long time, will you recommend any great place/eateries to visit, I will be really thankful 🙂

malaysia fashion blogger sweater and sneaker

Till next time.



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