Workwear Staple [Pencil Skirt X Stiletto]

Pencil Skirt copy

Been consumed by work lately and these series of pictures pretty much give you an idea of what I have been wearing and doing.

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 4

My go-to colour when it comes to work is definitely black. Black is just so bold and professional looking. When I wear black I don’t even need to worry about spilled coffee 😀

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 3

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 1

Today I am wearing a pencil skirt and it is a tricky one, cos’ the slim-fitting design makes ones body look tall and slim but at the same time restricting the leg’s movement. Like if I drop a pen on the floor, I need to put my legs together and tilted a bit before I can bend my knees and gently squad down a little (just a little) to pick up the pen. And maybe this is the whole point of a pencil skirt: To make every move smaller, more gentle and therefore MORE GRACEFUL!

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 7

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 8

This is a piece of workwear that I like so much. It is chic yet filled with classic detail such as the line of small round buttons at the back. It does take forever to button them all without pairing the wrong ones… *kidding* It is easier than it looks actually 🙂

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 6

On serious working days, I always like to have my stiletto on. It somehow empowers me and makes me feel taller *ahem* Believe it or not, I can mobilise easily in this pair of 4.5inch heels. Call me crazy, but I wore this pair of shoes and walked 4 hours non-stop when visiting an exhibition. People (especially females) adores me, and I am very proud of myself too… Hehehe…

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 9

We were rushing to work on that particular morning and Kelvin helped me took these pictures with his quick fingers at the hotel lobby. This is a sincere work done in less than 5 minutes, I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as we enjoy making it.

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 5

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 2

If you are planning to invest in a new workwear staple, I will definitely say: Pencil Skirts!

They are timeless.

Pencil Skirt copy

Working is a part of our lives. And a job is not just a job. It says a lot about who you are. No matter where you are and what kind of job you are working on, I hope you reap what you sow and I wish you the very best in all that you are pursuing.

God bless you.


3 thoughts on “Workwear Staple [Pencil Skirt X Stiletto]

  1. I love your stiletto so much! Pencil skirt is one of my staple too hehe~ I’m very busy these days and have not dropped by Million Mars for quite a while, gonna to read all your new posts once I’m free! 🙂


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