Lost In Bangkok [Strawberry Vintage Dress X Pearls]

Happy Friday!

Bangkok Holiday copyIf you follow my blog long enough you shall notice that I do have a thing for vintage clothing. I always adore women back in the olden days, their dresses were well pressed, their coiffed hair were so stylishly arranged and their make up were impeccable. They were modest and feminine… It is the kind of elegance we rarely seen in the modern day. I always wonder, do they have more time to dress up or they were really skillful in dressing up?

Strawberry Vintage Dress Millionmars 4Today I am wearing a vintage inspired dress with strawberries printed on it. The fitted bodice circular skirt is not only comfortable, but also very flattering.

Strawberry Vintage Dress Millionmars 7

Strawberry Vintage Dress Millionmars 6

I pair this outfit with a strand of pearls and match it with pearl earrings and a pair of pearls decorated nude pumps. The combination works perfectly and I felt like the character walking out from the scene of Roman Holiday 🙂

Strawberry Vintage Dress Millionmars 1

Strawberry Vintage Dress Millionmars 3

Vintage Dress Millionmars

Strawberry Vintage Dress Millionmars 5It was a fun day exploring Bangkok city in this wonderful attire. We took a stroll round the Grand Palace, went on a boat trip on Chao Phraya River and tasted the best Tom Yam soup… We didn’t have a travel plan, we didn’t even bring a map, we just followed our hearts and got lost in the dynamic city. We found joy in unexpected encounters and experienced life as true travellers.

I felt so relax and it’s all good.

Strawberry Vintage Dress Millionmars 2

So what is the most important thing to you when you are travelling? To me, the most essential part of travelling, is definitely a good companion (especially when he can take great pictures of you. Hehe…) Drop me a line in the comment box below and let me know what matters most to you when you travel!

If you love this dress, you can get it from REVIEW Australia.

Bangkok Holiday copy

Have a great weekend everyone!

God bless you.


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