My Fashion Story

Everyone has a fashion story.


My story starts with my mother. She is my inspiration. I came right out of my mother’s womb and into her wardrobe. Her wardrobe and dressing table were my earliest memory. As a young girl, I thought she epitomized glamour and grace. Everything about her was and still is beautiful. Her hair, her jewelry, her smiles…

When I was little, I used to raid my mum’s dressing table and wardrobe and look for every possible thing that I can put on myself. When I checked my own reflection in the mirror, I started dreaming away. I had thousand of dreams.

That was exactly how I started to be experimental with styles and use what I wear to present my style and portray my dreams. I have no basic rules to follow, I dream and create my style along the way. Perhaps that is why during my early days as a young adult, I was the laughingstock!

“Oh, look at you, the OTT girl!” 

“Why are you so dressed up?” 

Yup, that’s me!

I am working on a new passion project recently. This project has pushed me out of my comfort zone the most. My goal for this project is to share personal fashion experiences combines with role-playing elements. This story consists of 3 parts, to portrait lives of 3 different personas. All out of my own imagination.

This time, we experiment with new shooting and editing techniques. I am so happy to have a team of creative makeup artist and a photographer with me to craft the project together. I picked jacket and dresses from H&M to create different styles for this photo story.

Sahara Princess

Very mysterious. In a faraway land where there is little or no rain, grows a magically beautiful flower. Sands and scorching sun could not hide her whimsical sense. She is fearless about future and her optimistic outlook of life is ready to make a difference in the world.


The Socialite

She puts on her best smile and pretend that she has so many friends. High society frequents her parties and her name itself is the talk of the town.

People has their eyes dazzled by her charm and charisma, some casting envious eyes over all the good things she has in her life.

She looks so fine and her struggle can only be kept as secret. Deep loneliness burns within her and she feels like her whole life is merely an illusion. She can laugh so hard until it hurts, trying to carry on the act.

Nobody understands. And none can tell.


green dress leopard

Futuristic Siren

In our ever-changing world, women has evolved to become multi-faceted. They become a new complex creatures who are generally doing the best they can, with what they have.

As depicted in the ancient mythology, the futuristic sirens are beautiful and dangerous. Their constantly changing appearances are results from adaptation to the fast-paced world and over-stimulation.


To me, fashion inspiration comes from all things in life. I am still in excitement that we did this fashion shoot. It was truly a labor of love and a dream come true.

So this is my fashion story.

What’s yours? Share with me in the comment box below.

God bless you.



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