Movie Date With My Child [Finding Dory]

I am a working mother.

That means I am not able to spend ALL my time with my children. And believe it or not, it makes me feel really guilty sometimes. I understand that it is important to spend quality time with children to help them feel secured, worthy and loved. Therefore, whenever I am not at work, I will make sure my children can have my full attention (meaning I don’t even look at my phone, checking on friends’ FB status or replying email).

Last weekend, thanks to the S-MAMA Club by Wyeth Nutrition, I was able to have a movie date with my 3-year-old girl, Isabelle.

Wyeth Nutrition Lex Lion

This was actually a family movie outing organized by S-MAMA Club to reward members.

If you have not joined S-MAMA Club, go to and click Join S-MAMA Club for exclusive features and benefits!

S mama club

Upon arrival at the cinema, we were welcomed by LEX The Lion!


Isabelle was so excited and happy to see the “walking” lion. She whispered to me, “Mummy, the lion has got very very big feet…” I chuckled and nodded my head. Then the next question she asked (as expected) is, “Why his feet are so big leh?”


We were at the registration counter redeeming our movie tickets!!


I was so excited as this would be my first movie date with Isabelle!


We were delighted to get free popcorn and drinks! Isabelle loves popcorn.

(Well, who doesn’t?)



Queuing up for our popcorn while answering her never ending questions…

“Mummy can I get the sausage?”

“Mummy why you don’t have to work today?”

“Mummy are we going to watch a movie about a fish?”

“What fish?”

“Mummy where is the walking lion?”

“Oh mummy look! That’s a big octopus!” Pointing to the movie poster…


Even queuing up together with her makes me feel entertained and happy. She is more able to express herself now at age 3. And she could be quite chatty to strangers too. She will say Hi and start a random conversation, especially when she sees other children about her age.

When I was introduced to Wyeth Nutrition, I get to know about Multiple Intelligence and how it may help to unlock children’s potential in learning.

What is Multiple Intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability to respond successfully to new situations and the capacity to learn from one’s past experiences. A new model of intelligence known as the Theory of Multiple Intelligence was developed by American Development psychologist Professor Howard Gardner. The theory suggests that equal attention to be given to different types of intelligence that each child may possess. Children may possibly achieve more when different areas of their developments are nurtured.

For example, a 3-year-old developmental milestones would be as follow:

  1. Brain Smart: Interact with toys that has buttons, levers, and moving parts.
  2. Body Smart: Climbs well.
  3. People Smart: Shows concern for a crying friend.

(If you would like to check on your child’s development stages, you can click HERE.)


And here we were at the cinema 🙂


Enjoying our popcorn.


The movie “Finding Dory” is as good as “Finding Nemo”. If you think we just sit back and keep quiet while watching the movie, you are wrong. I actually took the opportunity to explain to my child and discuss about the character in the movie with her. I would really recommend parents to watch this movie with children and educate them about courage, friendship, creative solution to a problem, self acceptance, never give up, and most importantly, the love of a family.

I think at this stage where my child and I can interact better (with her improving communication skill), I am starting to enjoy parenting. To me, the whole concept of being a parent is more interesting and fun. Although it could be quite challenging sometimes, but I am genuinely happy to be a mother. To me, knowledge is key. Therefore, I enjoy reading parenting books, articles and exchange and share experiences with fellow mothers. I have been following Wyeth Nutrition’s WeChat handle too > WyethNutritionMY < for interesting parenting tips, recipes, live chat with dietitian expert on children nutrition and many more…


Thank you, S-MAMA Club.

We had such a great time and till next time…




WeChat: WyethNutritionMY

2 thoughts on “Movie Date With My Child [Finding Dory]

  1. I can totally imagine how the little Isabelle is feeling excited and happy for being able to watch a move with her mum…When I was young, watching movie in a cinema is one of the most exciting things in the world! There is a circus at Sutera Utama area now, maybe you can bring Isabelle and enjoy the show. I can never forget my first circus experience with my family, it was amazing! My earliest memory started from 3 years old, so maybe Isabelle will still be able to remember Finding Dory and lion with big feet even after she grows up. 😀


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