Should You Post Photos of Your Kids on Social Media?

children picture

We share basically everything about our lives on social media nowadays. And it has become norm for parents to share news, updates, and photos of their children’s achievements.

 But is it safe?

Please be cautious because occasionally some bad things can happen when you post photos on social media, but the trick is to stay vigilant about how you share.
Here are some steps you can make to make sure that your children are protected when you post photos of them on the Internet.

1) Location

Turn your smartphone location off when taking pictures of your kids. If not, the smartphone will geotag the location and categorise the pictures based on the location where the picture was taken at.
Also, when uploading photos of your kids, select “NO” when Facebook or Instagram ask if you would like them to tag your current location. This is to protect your children so that people won’t be able to tell the location where the pictures are uploaded.

 2) Privacy Setting

It is easy to custom your privacy settings in most social media platforms. You can choose and set the privacy controls for any albums that contains your children’s pictures. Allow only family members or close friends whom you trust to view them.

3) Don’t “Sharenting” Too Much

“Sharenting” is a new term that describes parents that overshare of photos of their children on social media. If you have been oversharing, now’s the time to curb that habit:

 1) Don’t share photos that reveal personal information such as:

– Your child wearing school uniform that spells the name of their school.

– Your child’s full name and birth date.

 2) Avoid posting embarrassing pictures of your kids.

Remember that facial recognition technology can identify a person from a digital image. 10 years down the road, your pictures may still be available online. Your child could be made fun of at school. 20 years later, prospective employers could come across a compromising photo that could damage your child’s reputation!

children picture

Hope you find this information useful and please share with us more tips about posting your kid’s pictures on social media in the comment box below!

Happy “sharenting”!

2 thoughts on “Should You Post Photos of Your Kids on Social Media?

  1. Thank you for sharing these tips! I try to be careful – both on traditional social media as well as the blog. We should all be mindful to ensure that nothing we post will make our children’s lives harder one day. Plus, the discipline means we have to be more creative in how we share about our little ones 🙂

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    1. I know, it is so hard right. The pure intention of parents is to share happy and amazing moments of our little ones with the world. However, we have to be watchful at the same time 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment!! XOXO

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