Everybody Wants To Be A Socialite


They are famous, beautiful, extremely wealthy, elegance, successful in career, happily married and almost perfect in every way!

How we wish we can live like a socialite!

In today’s fashion editorial, I am trying to play a role as a socialite. This is also one of my contest entries for the H&M’s Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year. I worked with a new photographer Andy this time, and the end results are very different from my previous photoshoot. Hope you will like it.

Millionmars Socialite 6

The Socialite

She puts on her best smile and pretends that she has so many friends. High society frequents her parties and her name itself is the talk of the town.

People has their eyes dazzled by her charm and charisma, some casting envious eyes over all the good things she has in her life.

She looks so fine and her struggles can only be kept as secret. Deep loneliness burns within her and she feels like her whole life is merely an illusion. She can laugh so hard until it hurts, trying to carry on the act.

Nobody understands. And none can tell.

Millionmars Socialite 2

Millionmars Socialite 4

Millionmars Socialite 3

Millionmars Socialite 1

Millionmars Socialite 5

If you like this outfit, it’s from H&M. It is a love at first sight for me, although le husband thinks it resembles Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. To me, how you carry a style is more important that the style itself. So… ya, I think I am started to have some potential in me to be a real socialite 😉

You can click HERE to learn how to be a real socialite!

Thank you so much for reading.

God bless all of you.


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