Tales Of A Heiress

Happy Monday everyone!

PSF4aaAs you might already know, I am working on a new passion project recently. I spent the last few days burning the midnight oil as I edited the pictures and added finishing touches to the series of fashion shoots. It was truly a labor of love. My goal for this project is to share personal fashion experiences combines with storytelling elements. I theme this story “Tales Of A Heiress”, to portrait a life of a beautiful heiress. To have a peek into her luxurious lifestyle out of my own imagination.

TM1This project has pushed us out of our comfort zone the most. Kelvin and I scouted at Puteri Harbour and identified key locations as backdrops to the story. This is also our first collaboration with Traders Hotel. To my amazement, we were being offered a VIP room for styling and to park my dresses!

TM7This time, we were so honored to have a makeup artist and a photographer from Hong Kong on board with us to craft the project together. Since Kelvin and I love film, we wanted to add cinematic styling to the shoot. We collaborated with MysteryLand featuring dresses of different styles for this photo story. A few days before the shoot, my stylist and I went through the shooting concept and picked the pieces to style together.

TM4When the actual shooting day finally arrived, we prayed so hard that that everything goes as planned and may the weather be sunny and good. Smooth as silk, all of us worked together and I wish I could show you how much fun we had!

TM5Also, I’m really thinking about getting the dress that the heiress wore to the fashion yatch party. The cutouts at the front and the structured hem lines really elevated the dress. It’s a fashionable piece for date nights and anniversary celebrations. Ours 10th is next month!

There will be 6 episodes of “Tales Of A Heiress” altogether. I will schedule them over the next 2 weeks. So, make sure you watch this space!

TM3We truly hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as we enjoyed creating it. We strive to continuously learn and improve as we produce more passion projects going forward. We truly hope that this blog will be a creative place where we can collaborate with readers, other bloggers, fashion labels, talented stylists, photographers and storytellers in the future.


I count my blessings every day that I get to work on something that I really love and dream on… On breaks between living my mundane life, I daydreamed about being in a fashionable heiress photo story. I’m still in excitement that we finally shot it.  It’s like a dream comes true!

TM2I wanna thank my talented stylist Tulip and my photographers Joe and Mr. Kelvin, thank you for taking on this project and dreaming with me! Special thanks to Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour for their kind hospitality~ And my readers, thank you so much for being on this journey with us. We immensely appreciate your time and support!


Please stay tuned! Thank you so much for reading!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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