[Tales Of A Heiress] Episode 1 Style Magazine Interview

MI3aThe clock on the wall shows 10:00am. I am sitting comfortably on the couch and my personal assistant is busy flipping her iPad while talking on the phone to confirm my flights to Paris on Friday. I have had my make up and hair ready for the interview. In today’s interview with Style Magazine, I’ll be sharing with a little about my personal life and how do I interpret Fashion.

MI4The editor and photographer are busy getting ready. I go through the questions written on a piece of paper one more time before the interview begins.

MI5 copyThe weather is so fine as we took some shoots outdoor. Photographer is a friendly guy with charming smiles. He moves in a swift motion capturing from every possible angle while giving me cues from time to time. I toss my purple chiffon dress a little and it flows graciously like a soft breeze. The sparkling diamante belt adds exquisite element to this romantic purple dress.

MI1aUnder the sunshines, it looks like a perfectly synchronized dance.

MI2a copyPurple Diamante Dress: MysteryLand

MI8aTalking about fashion is so natural to me and I can just talk non-stop 😛

Everything goes on smoothly and the interview doesn’t last long before we conclude.

MI7It is a beautiful day. We had so much fun under the sun.

Special thanks to: Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour

How I wish all interviews could be like this 🙂

MI6Paris Fashion Week starts today!

After my hair appointment this afternoon, it’s time to pack for the fashion week.

And probably start learning some French…

À la prochaine fois~


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Paris Is Always A Good Idea~
All You Need Is Love❤
Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

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