[Tales Of A Heiress] Episode 5 Glam A Charity Gala Dinner

Philantropists are usually beautiful.


I always believe that one beautiful heart is better than one million beautiful faces.



To attend a charity dinner and contributing to a better cause, I chose to wear something elegant but not too glamourous. And when I saw this floor length gown with the simplest design, I knew it is perfect for such occasion. I teamed it with a statement clutch and minimal hair and makeup to create this sleek and sophisticated look.



In the world that we live in, all of us are trying our own little ways to make this world a better place. No matter how big or small the changes we are making, we want to live our lives to its fullest, in abundance and a life well lived.


Have a great weekend everyone!

This post marks the very last episode of [Tales Of A Heiress] fashion series. I theme this story [Tales Of A Heiress] to portrait a life of a beautiful heiress and to have a peek into her luxurious lifestyle out of my own imagination. Thank you so much for all your positive and kind comments and I am still in excitement that we finally shot this. A huge thanks to my photographer Joe and stylist Tulip for willing to work on this little project of mine. A million thanks to MysteryLand for always believe in me and being very helpful all the way through. Special thanks to Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour for welcoming us with their kind hospitality. Lastly, to all my readers, I am so grateful to all of you who read my thoughts and shared my enthusiasm for fashion and beauty. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy and feel inspired by the pictures we created.

XOXO Eryn ❤

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