7 Things You Need To Know Before An Under Eyes Injectable Filler

Under Eyes Filler

Many women complain about their under-eye hollows (tear trough). It makes them look tired and weary even when they are not! And the hollowness is very unlikely to be covered by make up and concealer due to the volume loss caused by aging.

Good news is, it can be fixed by injectable fillers. The filler will “fill” the area to restore volume and rejuvenate your under-eye and upper cheek.

So before opting for an under eye hollow (tear troughs) injectable filler, here are the 7 things you would want to know:

1. How does it work?

Tear troughs are formed gradually due to loss of bone or thinning of the tissue superficially i.e.  muscle, fat, skin as we age. So by injecting the filler, it helps in “filling up” the volume loss and make one look fresher and younger.

2. Does it hurt?

I would say it is well tolerated even without numbing cream as the filler used here (refer to Q5) contains lidocaine. A combination of techniques is used to reduce discomfort.

3. How long will the effect last?

Generally 3-12months depends on type of filler used, individual own body metabolism and post injection care.

4. Why need a experienced certified doctor to do it?

Eye area is a delicate area and injection under the eye required very skilled injection. A skilled doctor not just reduce the side effects and complication, also make the filler effect looks natural without bumps or unevenness.

5. The brand of the filler?

Restylane. It is the best filler to treat these hollows, which can deliver immediate results. And if the results is undesirable, hyaluronidase can be injected into the area to dissolve the Restylane away.

6. Any side effects or down time?

It is a ‘lunch break procedure’, meaning that the down time is very minimal. Slight swollen and redness will be noted after injection but usually wean off quickly. Sometimes bruises may happen. Infection and blood vessel blockage are rare under trained doctor’s hand.

7. Any precautions after the treatment?

Avoid alcohol, blood thinner medicine or supplement, garlic and make sure no cold sore at facial region. Avoid heat, sun, sauna and exercises.

I hope that by now you have more understandings about the under eyes (tear troughs) injectable filler and how it work in making eyes look bright and smart 🙂
Actually I have been thinking about getting this procedure done long time ago, but was really worried about the procedure and wonder if it is “safe” to do so. We have been hearing a lot of horror story about aesthetic surgery fail. Therefore after doing research and consultation, I have decided to go for my first filler treatment at TOX AND FIL MEDICAL AESTHETIC (during lunch break!).
under eyes filler
Doctor carefully cleaned the under eyes area to prep it for the injection.
You can actually see from the picture that my tear trough problem was quite serious.
under eyes filler
Numbing cream was applied to reduce the discomfort during the procedure.
under eyes filler
After about 20 minutes, the injection procedure began.
I must admitted that I was very nervous to a point that I did not even dare to move a bit.
It didn’t really hurt though 🙂
under eyes filler
The result is instant!
I went back to work straight after the procedure 🙂
My eyes were swollen a bit on the first day, and it subsided the next day.
Below is a before and after picture I took one day after the procedure.
You can see that it greatly improves the under-eye hollows problem!
under eyes filler before after
Personally I think it does help me to look refreshed and young.
under eye filler
If you are interested in improving your under eyes hollow problem, make sure you make your appointment today for a professional consultation:


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Taman Austin Heights,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.
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Under Eyes Filler
 Thank you so much for reading!

2 thoughts on “7 Things You Need To Know Before An Under Eyes Injectable Filler

  1. A bit off-topic but why your skin so clear and flawless one omgggg! You look like a high school girl in the photo where you had the numbing cream on your face, so cute!

    By the way is the treatment expensive?


    1. Hi Princess! Haha Thanks! I think daily paper masks does work! Back to the treatment, it really depends on the quantity of fillers needed, I think will range from RM1000 – RM2000 🙂


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