Tropical Escape: Mother-Daughters Matching Outfits

A tropical escape.

Surrounded by old buildings, aromatic white coffee and family members, our stay in Ipoh was a warm and meaningful one. To embrace the hot and humid climate, I have prepared light and cotton outfits for this trip. We have been travelling with the kids to quite a lot of places, and I somewhat mastered the mix and match approach when it comes to mother-daughters matching outfits. For example, in today’s shoot, I chose a matching fabric material and colours when I pack. A red belt for my outfit to match with the kids’ red heart print on the dress!

We really treasured our time here to be with in the in-laws and the kids were having so much fun with their cousins. I feel so blessed that this would become a precious part of their childhood memory. Every time we visit Ipoh, I am amazed by all the wonderful nature landscape and charming old buildings.

To me, it is beautiful.  

This old town filled with intriguing historical past. You can read my previous post about Ipoh HERE:

Ipoh Train Station

Concubine Lane

Caves (Kek Look Tong)

Ipoh Old Town

We had so much fun playing dress up and I am forever grateful that God has given me the privilege to be the mother to two beautiful daughters and a husband who is willing to document all these moments for us.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great week ahead!

Recently, I am thinking whether I should write about the MUST-EAT in Ipoh, do let me know if you are interested to find out 🙂



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