How To Make Blogging Work For You?

As I am typing this post, I am on my way to a family retreat. The babies are sleeping at the back and I got to free up my hands to share a little bit about my life recently.


Blogging is fun. To me it serves as a creative outlet for me to share my life and perspective towards life. And today I would like to talk about how blogging work for me.

Blogging is like writing a diary, documenting things and experience that might be useful to the readers. Many times, it can be difficult because when you are literally recording and documenting EVERYTHING in your life, you hardly have time to ENJOY it!!

For example, if you are going to share about the food in a restaurant that you eat, you need to take multiple pictures of the food, finding the perfect angles and lighting, some bloggers even need to wait till all the food is served to take a nice “flat-lay”. And by doing all these works, you will tend to annoy those who eats with you, e.g. your friends and family. And worse, the food might probably turn cold when you done taking pictures… The same goes to when you are visiting a new place, watching a run way show or travelling… To others, it is just absurd. It doesn’t make sense at all.


The answer is simple.

Know what you want, plan ahead and enjoy!


Before you start the work, think about what are the things you want to document. For example, if you are writing about the food at a particular restaurant, then you just concentrate about the restaurant and food, and nothing else! Before you place your order, take pictures of the restaurant first, then when the food comes, take all the pictures and Instastories as much as you want. And after that, put your phone and camera away and focus on eating and socialising with your company. Spend some quality time to really enjoy the food and talking to real people face to face. This, is what I call, switching MODES.


It is so important that we got to spend time to ENJOY and live the moment rather than focusing on WORKING on the moment! Ya right, creating the perfect Instagram feed and informative blog is very important, but living the LIFE is more important than that!

A lot of bloggers give up blogging because blogging can be tedious and mentally taxing. If you don’t truly enjoy it (your life or whatever topic you blog is about) you will soon burn out and give up!

So that is how I do and how I have continue to write this blog for 7 years now 🙂


In this post, I am wearing a green dress, matching with a pair of ankle boots that is making a popular return this season. I tied my hair into a low pony tail to create a mature and confident look.





We were getting ready for a dinner and it was drizzling outside. The umbrella thus becomes a great props! 🙂


Hope you enjoy this post and don’t forget to share with me how blogging works for you!

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2 thoughts on “How To Make Blogging Work For You?

  1. As a blog owner of 5 years, I can agree with this post! It is difficult to balance blog and life at times since we work from home. I think setting a schedule and sticking to it does helps. Of course one of our perks is that we can be flexible too. However that can also be a con because we always seen to bee ‘free all the time’ by other but what they don’t see is us slaving away at 4am.

    Shi Hui | IreviewUread


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