What is Millionmars?

This blog is devoted to everything a fashionable full time working mother should know, ranging from parenting stories, beauty tips, to latest fashion trends.

If you are a working mother, love to dress up, travel or enjoy looking for fashion inspiration, you will feel right at home here.

Millionmars also has a section in Chinese that caters for Chinese readers



Millionmars Creator, Eryn W

Eryn is a full time working mother with two young daughters. The blog started in 2011 serves as a creative outlet for Eryn’s love for fashion and travel. It is soon developed into a reading community that is equally excited about her love for classy fashion, motherhood and travel stories around the world. 

Please follow Millionmars on Instagram (@millionmars)and Facebook (@millionmars) for all the latest updates.

For business or PR enquiries please email: erynwlf@gmail.com.

Eryn’s photographs and articles are frequently published in local magazines.





Don’t know where to start?

Browse through  Eryn’s fashion editorial by clicking the pictures below:

blue cocktail dress red beret
Tales Of A Heiress
dom perignon black jumpsuit asian girl
Celebrating Womanhood
balloons smiles girl
Embracing Motherhood
woman in black sunglasses cape coat
[La Vie En Rose: The Heist]

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Eryn! First, I want to tell YOU I so love your Floating photos. Awesome! Second, thank you for the Follow and third, I am looking forward to all your other floating & other adventures. Finally, I enjoyed sightseeing around Life on Mars. Thanks! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Eryn! How’s it going? How’s pregnant life treating ya?! 🙂

    Was wondering if I could use this as a description of your blog on my readers’ page?: This blog is about: “Dreams, inspirations, beauty & styles, being a wife & God’s words.” A shortened version of what you wrote up there ^

    Thanks and all the best! xoxo

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  3. Hello Eryn,
    How are you these days? I am writing my blog again and thought to check out yours. Are you and the family well? Hope to see some of your writing again some day. 🙂


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