[Travel] Tsukiji Fish Market: Red Blouse X Navy Blue Skirt

Here I am… popping one of my favourite photoshoots we took in Japan.

Even though I did not have much time lately to connect with you here, I really missed sharing with you my feeling, projects and journeys and since I have collected so many memories I think it is great to show you these beautiful moments. 

I especially like this combination of vibrant colors and texture. This outfit combo is casual and bold at the same time. I pair it with an over-sized coat featured in The Shocking Truth About Fashion Bloggers and a pair of black ankle boots.

Necklace is a gift from Le husband. 18K white gold diamond necklace set in a Crown from Chow Sang Sang.

A lot of people has been asking me about the crown, does it imply that I want to be the Queen (like a more dominant figure in the household) or does it indicate independence and confidence?

Not really.

I remembered this gift come with a handwritten card that says,

“A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown ~Proverbs 12:4. Without my crown, I will just be seen as an ordinary man.”

I felt so flattered and honored when I received the gift. It means to me that how I behave and treat him really shows the world about the truth about my husband, whether he is just an ordinary man or he is one who stand above the rest and is worthy of respect. It reminds me that our actions as wives directly reflect our husband, and if we do it wisely, we become the crown that he can wear proudly.

That is why I really treasure this gift and see it as an appreciation from the husband and reminder of the responsibility of a wife.

Thank you so much for reading and showing me so much love.

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Life has been treating us well so far despite the all the busy schedule and circumstances. Hope all is well at your side and wishing you a great week ahead!


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