MasterChef Attempt: Succeeded!!

This is my first attempt to cook (Erm… I don’t cook..)from this lovely cookbook I found on Kelvin’s bookshelf. And I seriously thought that I have picked an easy one (later I realized I was dead wrong…). I took 20 mins more than the suggested preparation and cooking time. And sweat all the way through…

(Erm… How to turn on the oven?)

(OMG, we have no table salt in the kitchen… Can use soy sauce instead??)

(Darling, where’s knife?… and chopping board??)

(Okay… I can do this. Chopping chicken can’t be that hard…)

(But why is it so “hard” and I can’t cut through…)

(Well, who can tell me how to grate potato and zucchini?? It’s not written in the cookbook!!)

(OMG, it’s almost 8pm…) Despite desperately panic inside, I tried to call out in a sweet tone: “Darling, dinner will be ready soon!” (Gosh…)

At the end of the day, I accidentally poured rosemary (I swear I took the black pepper) into the oven dish and it was that rosemary that saved my day!! It turned out to be so magically nice!!


The picture quality is not very good (as Kelvin was close to famished…), but yeah, I made it!! Kelvin ate it happily and I thought to myself, if I do this frequent enough, I’ll be fine (now I know all the switches, pots and pans, knives and salt thingy)!!

That night, after I washed up all the mess in the kitchen, I proudly announce myself as: MessyChef!! (LOL~)

6 thoughts on “MasterChef Attempt: Succeeded!!

  1. MessyChef, .. not bad ya… as a first time!!.. hehee

    i have been doing mostly local mum’s cook dishes (三菜一汤) hehee.. while my mr does the western meal.

    yep.. the more you cook the better you will be.. practise make perfect!
    (i’m still not very good with the amount of salt or soya sauce to put. hahaa)


      1. nope. at least once a week ba..
        but… getting pretty lazy these days and add on hubby also don’t want me to get too messy. (mess in the kitchen… and i have to be the one cleaning up still)

        eating out is so much easier….


  2. I am very impressed. It is tastier than it’s look. Well done. You know I have tonnes of cooking book on the shelf so feel free to flip it through for more inspirations! I look forward to more successful dishes. Keep up the good work!


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