Eversince I married Kelvin, I no longer need an alarm clock. (See “How’s married life?”.) He wakes me up every morning. Just like every alarm clock, there’s a snooze button. I will tell him this “Can I have 5 more minutes?”. Very often I get a YES.

“Please?”. To me 5 minutes in the morning worth more then a bucket of gold. And it depends on my “alarm clock”‘s mood, he might allow 5 minutes and sometimes even longer time 🙂 (I really love him doing that!!)

When I got too sleepy, I will snooze in the dressing room, hoping that he won’t notice it. And when he knock on the door, I’ll pretend to be doing my make up.

He knows I stay up late and have difficulty to wake up early. Sometimes he will complain, but most of the time, he waits for me to get ready. People often tell us marriage can change lives.

Kelvin has got a sleepy wife; and I have got my personal snooze button, warranty for life 🙂

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