Hello from Hong Kong! [Orange x High-Low Hem]

Love it or hate it, this polarizing trend has infiltrated a multitude of runway shows and celebs have already taken advantage of its versatile powers. Believe it or not, this is my very first high-low hem!!

It took me a long time to finally decide to wear one… One of the reason is because the indecisive hemlines makes my hips look bigger than ever! What do you think?

This is my third time in Hong Kong and the fast-paced city drives me to move faster on a whole new level. People here walk faster, eat faster, talk faster and highly allergic to slow-witted behaviour…

To pair this high-low hem dress, fancier shoes are required.

We were taking train to Quarry Bay for dinner with friends.

Remember I was telling you about how fast Hong Kong is? This was what happened when we rushed to change to another train at the interchange station. Kelvin was holding my hand and running towards the train which was about to close its door (as I can hear the sound “beep beep beep…” going around). Then with his swift movement, Kelvin jumped into the cabin quickly, and when he tried to pull me into the cabin, I sort of hesitated… Then I can see the door slowly move to close and even when Kelvin tried to tab on the sensor, it just won’t open up again!! And when the doors come to a complete closure, I can see Kelvin’s worrying expression through 2 layers of glass doors… And the next second, the train disappeared into the tunnel and I was left behind  T___T

I couldn’t help but laugh at my own “slowness” and wonder if Kelvin will wait for me at the next station, the destination or he would come back to where he lost me… Luckily the train comes every 3 minutes, and when I see Kelvin at the next station, he hold me tight and whispered to my ear “Next time I will push you in first… Slow poke…” 🙂

To me, Hong Kong is always a place filled with challenges, surprises and excitements! Do you think so? Share with me your HK experience and hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

Till next time!


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