Dream In Old Shanghai [Put On Your Red Lipstick And Dance Away~]


It was our company 34th anniversary dinner. And because it was a themed party, I decided to put on a red cheongsam to create a old Shanghai look~


I bought myself a bright red lipstick to add boldness to the overall vintage look. It’s my first red lipstick, I always thought hot red lip colour doesn’t suit me… But it turned out pretty well 🙂 (Moral of the story is: Never try, never know~)


My handsome boyfriend ❤

photo (15)


It was a wonderful night with lots of laughter and fun. The organizing committee has prepared a night full of non-stop entertainments 🙂 At one point, I almost on the verge of tears due to laughs overload!


I have not been blogging lately. I have not been even thinking about blogging at all. Instead, I picked up a book and read; spent time talking to Kelvin; bathed and played with Isabelle; blew my hair really dry; put on hydrating cream mask and slept early every night. I felt really relax and it is good to just rest and not think about anything…

Sometimes it’s good to just stop what you have been doing and step out of the circle to rest a bit. It refreshes and rejuvenates our body and mind to achieve a right balance of life.


Thank you so much for reading. Hope all of you rest well before the festivities begin!!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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