Best Massage In Johor Bahru [Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour]

Wow, where do I begin?THS6

I still can’t believe it is the second month of 2014. I have been working non stop since the new year begins. And as Isabelle grows, I find it harder and harder to maintain a work/life balance. I practically have no time for myself. I put sleep, health and beauty at the back burner and it all started to show.

1609835_251322708362555_128377484_nAnd when I see this special massage therapy at Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour, I decided to pamper myself a little.

THS3After knocking off from work, I went for a light snacks and head to the Health Club at Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour.

THS1As I entered the classy parlour, I was greeted by a soft spoken massage therapist and upon seated on the comfy couch, I was being served a cup of hot green tea with honey. She then handed me a form to understand my health condition and my preference in massage, such as which part of body I want to focus and which part to void.

THS14 There are 2 types of massage to choose from. The Deep-Tissue massage and Aromatherapy. I initially booked a 60 min Deep-Tissue massage, but when the therapist saw me thick ‘light pressure preferred’, she thoughtfully recommended me to try the Aromatherapy massage as it will be more gentle on body and relaxing.

THS2And of course I agreed to it!

THS12 I was then led to my treatment room. The interior deco is very impressive. It is generally bigger and more exclusive than any local massage parlour. It has a proper place for you to change your shoes, a wardrobe, some basic amenities which includes a pair of cotton panties (not disposable paper one) for ladies (pink) and men (blue), a lovely jewellery box to place your accessories and a small bathroom en suite.





After I changed into my bath robe, the massage therapist dimmed the lights and began my 60 minutes Aromatherapy massage. With the soothing music playing in combination to the mild aromatic essential oil and the gentle movement of my therapist. It was so comfortable until I actually dozed off during the session Zzzz…


Traders Hotel Health Club massage parlour is designed as an opulent wellness facility where personal indulgence takes on a whole new meaning. Currently, a choice of 2 massage treatments is available, each with 60 or 90 minutes. By setting a mood through the use of lighting, music and essential oils, it really prepares clients for a personalized experience that evokes the senses.


Want to experience it for yourself?

GREAT news for all of you!

This nurturing experience is now on promotion until 15 March 2014. Get your dose of Aromatherapy or Deep-Tissue Massage


OMG! Now you can pamper your loved ones by rewarding them this wonderful massage experience (while pampering yourself too)!

– Massages must be performed concurrently and slots must be booked in advance
– Available daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a first come, first served basis

Please call Traders Hotel Health Club at (6 07) 560 8888 for bookings!


I have gotten massage all over the globe and this is one of the best I had. Massage therapist really personalize the massage to suit individual preference and need. Later I found out that the therapists at the Health Club are trained by ‘CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La’ professionals, and I am sure they are ready to provide you a blissful hour of relaxation.


What are you waiting for? Book your session today!

And don’t forget to connect to their facebook page HERE to watch out for other offers and promotions!

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a wonderful and relax weekend!!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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