July Fashion Coordinates

I guess life just propels at it’s full speed after I have 2 kids. I must admit that I don’t spend as much time on dressing up nowadays. My life schedule is crazy~ If given time, I would rather sleep in longer or take a proper shower.

As a fashion blogger, I started to feel that I am getting really out of touch with the fashion world. I mean, I really couldn’t catch up anymore… With all the sleep deprivation, endless house chores and bulging belly, i think I am on the verge of switching to be a mommy blogger soon >.<

So, here it is. My final struggle to remain as a fashion blogger with the help of a hand phone camera…

Coordinate 1
Decided to experiment with horizontal stripes and see if it can make waist look smaller by pairing it with a peplum skirt.


Coordinate 2
Casual style. Baggy pants with batik tops, and a pair of black glasses.


Coordinate 3
Attempt to look younger by pairing a white short-sleeve blazer with polka dots skirt.

Polka DotsThe make up to compliment the look.

Coordinate 4
Put on a black beret and my favourite jumpsuit.


Make up to go with the look.


Coordinate 5
Decided to go backless on a date night.


Popped a bottle of DOM Perignon and was happy with the pear-shaped ruby earrings from husband.


Coordinate 6
Attending a Sunday wedding lunch with Isabelle. Decided to throw on something sweet and comfortable.


Did a quick-and-easy low-side-hair-bun. Pair with a classy dangling pearls earrings.


Coordinate 7
Back to back meetings. Tied up my hair and pair a black turtle neck with peplum skirt.


Hope that I can slim down more so that I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and do not have to spend on a new wardrobe of bigger size clothes 🙂 Yes, if you have noticed, girls’ spending behaviour change so much after having children T.T

I hope you enjoy my fashion coordinates as much as I love creating them. I really wish that I can keep this fashion blog goes on as long as it could. Even in the midst of chaos and busyness of life, I still struggle to cling on to the something I really passionate about.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great week ahead!


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