[Hairstyle Ideas] 6 Long Hairstyle With Bangs

To Cut or Not To Cut?

millionmars bangs hairstyle

For woman at my age, making the cut to a trendy set of bangs is a big hairstyle decision. But I really need some changes (without sacrificing the length) and try something totally new. And I believe that there is no better way to freshen up a boring hairstyle and look younger than with bangs.

And today I would like to share with you 6 different hairstyles with bangs!
Millionmars Hair


Ma Cherie Moisture Conditioner (Shiseido)

Apply after shampoo to make your hair smooth and silky.

Millionmars Hair

ATS Perstige Hair Tonic

To nourish hair scalp and battle hair loss.

Millionmars Hair 3

LUCIDO-L Essence Water

Treatment water that fully hydrates dry and frizzy hair.

Millionmars Hair 4

Shiseido Stage Works Bouncing Primer

Millionmars Hair 5

Spray at the roots and it gives volume to soft and fine hair.

Millionmars Hair 6

STYLE #1 Demure Half Updo


This is the simplest yet elegant hairstyle.

Done by just using 1 hair clip as shown in the picture below.

Millionmars Hair 7

Hold half of your hair, twist it and push it upwards to create some volume.

Millionmars Hair 8

Clip it with the hair clip as shown below.

Millionmars Hair 11

Arrange with your hands.

Millionmars Hair 9

Millionmars Hair 10

STYLE #2 The High Bun

Easily takes 5 years of your face.

Millionmars Hair 12

By using a rubber band, tie your hair up and form a high hair bun.

I personally love to pull some fringe out at the side to create a casual look.

Millionmars Hair 13

Add a flowery hair band to look “younger”. Keke…

Millionmars Hair 14

STYLE #3 The Ponytail

Millionmars Hair 15

For this look, I prefer to create a “crown” by using 2 bobby pins.

Millionmars Hair 16

Hold a small portion of your hair at the top part, twist it a little and secure it with 2 bobby pins.

Millionmars Hair 17

Tie a pony tail below it and use some hair spray to set the style.

Millionmars Hair 18

Wear a hair band to glam up the look.

Millionmars Hair 19

STYLE #4 Korean Style Messy Low Bun

Millionmars Hair 20

Separate a small part of hair beside the fringe.

Curl both sides.

korean hair style

Tie a low hair bun with a rubber band.

Millionmars Hair 21

It can be loose.

Millionmars Hair 22

Pair it with a pair of large earrings tinted lips.

Millionmars Hair 23

STYLE #5 Retro Chic

Create some volume above the head by using 2 bobby pins as shown in STYLE #3.

Millionmars Hair 24

Use a rubber band to tie up a high bun.

Millionmars Hair 25

Millionmars Hair 26

Wrap a scarf around, leaving the curly fringe in front.

Millionmars Hair 27

Millionmars Hair 28

STYLE #6 Curved And Curly

Millionmars Hair 29

As suggested by the name, you just curl sections of your hair in random directions.

Millionmars Hair 30

Millionmars Hair 31

It is good to frame the face with straight bangs and so to hide wrinkles and minor imperfections (plus you don’t really need to draw your eye brows anymore!). Here are a few of quick and easy style hairstyles that go well with bangs. The possibilities are endless~ When I have more time, I wish I could try on some vintage pin-up styles.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the hairstyles as much as I enjoy making it.

Meanwhile, have fun mixing, matching, and creating your own look!


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