Happy Aloha Monday~

Hmm… I don’t usually show picture of me working (or in a working suit). I thought people might relate it to really boring stuffs. But… Hi everyone! This is Eryn Wong 🙂

I am sitting in the car, technically working. Of course I am working. I have a strict policy for myself not to spend time on my blog or on my personal facebook account during office hours. By the way, I maintain our company facebook page. So, next time when you see me facebooking during working hours, man, I am working!

This month has been an exciting one. New series of packaging designs are coming out! And we have got so many new product development projects on hand. Some of which are products/flavours that we have been dreaming of doing! Wee~ I realized I have more freedom to move around and create & invent & design products and their packaging and a bit of marketing materials! After years of familiarizing myself with the market trend and balance myself in between personal preference and company’s interest! 🙂 I just wanna say,

I love my job~

And the next big thing is the Annual Communication Conference! A conference that I have spends weeks to plan and organize and negotiate and invite people to come. I just received the attendance confirmation today and the response is good 🙂 This internal communication workshop will be conducting in mid March, fingers crossed and hope that everything will go smoothly.

It’s Monday people. Have a great week!

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