How To Be More Photogenic?

I have been receiving compliments on my make up on my birthday and some said I am “photogenic”! (Wow~)

Today I wanna share with you a new technique that I have recently becoming “brave enough” to try on:


Contouring uses highlight and shadows to create different depths on the face, such as making your eyes bigger, face smaller, nose smaller and pointier 🙂

I am still not sure if I should show this picture of mine 😀

Here I used highlights on my brow bones, under the eyes and down the center of the nose.

And shadows on the side of the nose (to make it appear smaller), below the cheekbone 🙂

Then I blend them nicely so that it appears to be natural. I then top it with minimal loose powder.

I notice that the effects come out to be more obvious when pictures’ taken using a camera. It appears to be really “normal” in real life when people look at you with naked eyes…

Always remember that the ultimate accessory to be photogenic is confidence.

Under the hard focus of the lens, it’s easy to let your insecurities bubble to the surface.

People tend to show tension across their brow and mouth. An easy way to relax these muscles is to smile real wide and release, then raise your brows nice and high and release. ~Lathrop

Hope you enjoy my little secret to be more “photogenic” 🙂

If you wanna find out more on contouring, click here.

Have a happy Monday everyone!


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