One Little, Two Little, Three Little… Isabelle

I am 4 months old now!


And I am a cheeky little baby who just love love love giggling~


I also love singing (just like my daddy), especially when I have special friends visiting… Daddy said he will send me to Hong Kong to learn singing from Jacky Cheung when I grow up 🙂


I sleep very late at night at about 12 a.m. (sometimes because I purely wanna enjoy daddy and mummy’s company). However, I am a real good girl because I can sleep through the night without waking up in the middle of the night (so that my mummy can sleep more)! As you know, she is a beautiful blogger, sleeping is very important to her 😉


Now I can sit upright with minimal support. I have good head control. Mummy said she will start giving me solid food soon! I think I wanna eat chocolate ice cream… cos’ it looks so yummy when mummy eats it…


I really enjoy playing time with anyone that plays with me, especially my mummy. (Okay, I lie, I actually like my granny more, cos’ her jokes are funnier~)Baby9

Sometimes, when daddy’s not around, she will bring me into her dressing room and put me on a carrier while I watch her putting on her make up. She call it “early childhood education“… So, don’t be surprise if I am able to curl lashes at age 3 🙂Baby8

Nicolie bought me a giraffe named Sophie Paris. And it tastes so yummy…


Okay, I lie again~ I just wanna bite my own fingers while pretending to bite her… I wonder, why my fingers taste soooo good!


Daddy is still my favourite. He smells really good and he always give me what I want~ (except watching TV, which I don’t quite understand… why he can watch but I can’t…)


舅舅 got me a Bumbo seat which I am really excited about! Daddy said he will put me in it once I have perfect head control (which I think I have… No?)


Everyone, I wanna introduce you to my best friend


*Throw confetti*


She loves ME, my daddy, my mummy, my granddad, my 舅舅, my 舅母, Nicolie, my 星星 and my bunny… I always wonder how come she has got so much love in her…? And her jokes, I tell you, are super hilarious…


Now, ladies and gentlemen, something magical happens this month!!!



Now I can see this world in a different angle now! Mummy actually made a video of me doing my flipping act. If you wanna see it, you can click HERE!


Okay… that’s probably about what’s happening in my life so far.

I shall go get ready for bed now.


If you are wondering… Yes, I like purple… and pink… and white… and… green… and… yellow… and… Zzzz…

Thank you so much for reading!

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