[La Vie En Rose: The Heist] Agent Monica

ER1 Poster

The sounds of the roaring engines draw near. The one behind the wheels is agent Monica, a model during daytime, a secret agent in disguise.



The sun shines bright, she adjusted her sunglasses while scrutinizing the surrounding.



She parks her car at the entrance of a remote hotel and she is on the phone with someone. The tassle earrings of hers are swinging gently.



The voice at another end has an emergency mission for her:

To trace and obtain the money.



She steps into the lift and when she walks out, she sees her target…


What is she going to do next?


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Cape Coat :: H&M
Clutch :: LoveBagLoveBag
Sunglasses :: happy2u.my
Earrings :: happy2u.my
Iphone Case :: happy2u.my
Bracelet & Ring Set :: happy2u.my
Venue :: Pariss Hotel
Photos by Kelvin Ong
Makeup by Millionmars
Hair by Jennifer
Styled by Millionmars

This post is part of the first fashion editorial project of Ma Chérie Johor Bloggers group. Special thanks to our major sponsor Happy2u with the philosophy of Fashion Does Not Need To Be Expensive. Now every fashionista can keep up to date with the latest fashion trend with their affordable and quality-assured products. All bags in the editorial are from LoveBagLoveBag who carries a huge variety of handbags that suits every occasion. I will upload more of the behind the scene stories soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading. We hope you enjoy the story as much as we enjoy making it!

XOXO Eryn❤

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