[Tales Of A Heiress] Episode 2 Paris Fashion Week

Hello everyone!!

PFS2Every time I pack for Paris, I will choose unique designs and contrasting colours. Whenever I am in the city of love, I feel the freedom to be my true self



PSF7 As I will be rushing to my first show straight after touching down, so I need to make sure that I look “impeccable” when I landed. I wear my favourite taffeta blue dress with the simplest design and pair it with a red beret. I keep my white fur coat in my hand luggage, in case it gets too chilly there.

PSF8Due to the special locations of each shows, Paris fashion week is always busy as there will be a lot of hoofing around the city. To me, the highlights of this trip will be Nina Ricci and Lanvin. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for fall/winter.

PSF6I style this look with minimum jewellery and red lipstick to keep it simple. Might change the shoes to pumps if it gets too cold 🙂

PSF5To me the excitement of being a part of the fashion week is actually outside where street fashion flourishes. Bloggers, photographers, reporters and editors are amazingly dressed, armed with the best cameras and ready to shoot. The energy was intriguing!

PFS3On the last day of this trip, my fiancé who just happened to be in London for a conference has a little surprise for me 🙂

We’ll be having our anniversary dinner at Le Jules Verne!!


OMG! What should I wear?

PSF9Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely weekend!!

Bonne journée~ 


Special thanks to: Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour

In the next episode, a stylish new plan will be revealed! I am going to announce something really big that’s been happening in my life. *Excited*

Tales Of A Heiress
[Tales Of A Heiress] Episode 1 Style Magazine Interview
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Paris Is Always A Good Idea~

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