Revlon Butter Smooch

Kelvin was away for 3 days. So I have some extra time to do a little bit girly shopping! Yay~ Spent a good 1 hour in Watson yesterday, looking at all the cosmetics and new beauty gadgets with mum 🙂

Bought the Revlon colorburst lip butter in a sweet pink tone from Watson yeasterday. The name “080 strawberry shortcake” sounds as sweet!

I like it because it’s called lip butter and it is having this really good moisturizing effect on my lips. It’s just like a lip balm with sweet pinky colour (notice how many times I used the word sweet here)!

And secondly, it’s so affordable at the price of RM24.90! Although the product casing is not that impressive and the colour doesn’t stay for very long on my lips (I must confess I have a tendency to eat up my lip colour…), I have to re-apply the product every 2 hours.

In general, this is one of the products that keeps me and my lips happy 🙂

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