Dread Going To Work On Monday?

I know. I know. You dread going to work on Monday.

At some point of our career, we would have felt that way.

My way of countering the Monday blues? DRESS UP!

I woke up a little bit earlier today to put on my make up. Wearing my favourite fake eyelashes. Put ribbons on my hair. Choose my crystal earrings. A nice scent to last the day. And sing a song while I was doing all the above 🙂 La la la~

Then I slowly take my breakfast, have a cup of coffee, while going through my to-do-list and organize my bags while charging my blackberry. It makes me feel beautiful and prepared to embrace a new challenging week 🙂

Ever think that the process of work can also teach us something about life? Think of work as educational. It teaches us that we do not always have things our way. But it is only temporary and we have a choice of doing something about it. Use this experience of dreading to go to work as your teacher. What does it teach you? Ask and answer, and you will immediately see this experience of dread going to work in a different light.

Here, is your inspiration for a corporate Monday!

Working Girl

Fortunately, Monday only comes once a week! To that end, take it slow, dress yourself up, have a cup of coffee, and relax!

With that, see you on Tuesday!

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